Working our Bodies

Welcome to the fitness page!

Here I will be discussing different workout tips and training exercise that I have learned over the course of my own personal fitness journey. For those of you who don’t know, I am an avid martial artist and practice Kungfu! This is both mentally and physically beneficial as it helps strengthen both the mind and our mentality. I also go to the gym quite regularly, which is another great stress reliever for me. On this page, there will be all kinds of different workouts and exercises that you can try as well as some proper training techniques that I have learned from my own Sifu. My definition of fitness is two-fold, pertaining to both mind and body. Being fit is definitely beneficial for our bodies as it relieves stress and can even correct bad posture, but it also is very good for concentration and even general happiness. I love being active which is just as important as eating well. I’m absolutely open to all types of training methods that anyone would like to share, after all, it’s a learning experience for everyone, including me!