Weeknight Ratatouille

Ratatouille is one of my favorite dishes to make. I love the flavors of the spices and herbs, but it’s such a hassle to make because you have to do all sorts of salting and what-nots to remove extra liquids. This recipe from America’s Test Kitchen is great and easy. No more salting and extra steps.

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Grilled zucchini and tomato soup

I normally just like to throw everything in s pot and just let it boil and call it soup but today I was feeling like putting in a little bit of effort, and I must say it definitely paid off. Grilling the zucchini and tomatoes allowed much more depth of flavor.¬† Continue reading “Grilled zucchini and tomato soup”

Garlic and olive zucchini pasta

Simple and light flavors after my big mass of Indian eating is a true delight right now. After that Korma a couple days ago, the thought of rich flavors and foods are so unappealing. This was very fun and simple to make. I think the olive flavor got really intensified after using both olives and olive oil! Continue reading “Garlic and olive zucchini pasta”

Zoodles with Kimchi: Make your food fun

I am probably a very weird person when it comes to my food. I love eating the top portions of my porridge, I love scraping off the bottom of the rice cooker, I even purposefully buy the smallest and odd shaped sweet potatoes simply because I think they look cute. So when it comes to other foods such as zucchini, the more I can change the shape the better!

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One pan skillet chicken with grilled zucchini: When it’s just too much work to cook

If you want something very quick and easy then look no further than this recipe, I think on this particular day I just wasn’t feeling the 30 minutes of cooking. So I threw everything in my beloved cast iron, and enjoyed a nice but quick meal.¬† Continue reading “One pan skillet chicken with grilled zucchini: When it’s just too much work to cook”

Deconstructed Cousa Mahshi

A beloved recipe first introduced to me by one of my friends. Traditionally this is served as a stuffed squash however, that took a little too long for me so ¬†decided to get creative and pull it apart, so to speak. It’s a wonderful middle eastern dish with traditional flavors such as allspice or cardamom.

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Fusilli with green puttanesca sauce

A fun spin on puttanesca with fussilli and some fava beans. I got a little tired of trying to use up all my tomates and thought instead to use up all of my zucchini. It actually turned oput pretty great. While anchovies may very well be the most disgusting thing I have ver tried thus far, they tast great in this sauce. I guess there’s hope for even the worst of ingredients. What’s better yet is that it’s gluten free!

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Gobhi Matar Rasedar

A great Indian dish if your taste buds are ready for an overload of spices. Of course the classic cumin and turmeric to create a beautifully colored dish. This is typically made with cauliflower, potatoes and peas but I didn’t happen to have much potatoes or peas at the time. Even with the substitutions, it still tasted great! Continue reading “Gobhi Matar Rasedar”