Poor Man’s Beef

This dish is a bit of a namesake as basically when eaten, I got the comment that it was “not visually appealing” thus it was a “poor man” who had to eat it. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dish itself, it just slightly disintegrated when I cooked it… Continue reading “Poor Man’s Beef”

Silken Mushroom Tofu

I hope this doesn’t put you off, put think of a savory pudding, that’s about the texture that you’ll get with this recipe. Its good! I promise! My go to when it’s really hot, I like eating this a lot because it’s very simple and tasty to make. Of course if you don’t like mushrooms, you could make it with chili oil instead and have like a kind of Mapo Tofu thing going on, but I prefer it without the spice. Continue reading “Silken Mushroom Tofu”

Bean curd and Chinese water cress salad

This is an absolute favorite in my house. although I may have said it many times before this is one of the best comfort foods I grew up with. It’s not really a salad, but I just called it that simply for a more palatable effect.  Continue reading “Bean curd and Chinese water cress salad”

Bamboo Matchstick stir-fry: too much celebrating?

Another bamboo recipe. Unlike all the others, this is just using normal bamboo. No spring bamboo needed! There may be tofu in this dish, however its a traditional way for Chinese to cook both the tofu and pork together. Sorry vegetarians, this one’s not for you (unless you take the pork out of course, but then it just doesn’t taste as good).  Continue reading “Bamboo Matchstick stir-fry: too much celebrating?”

Spicy tofu with mushrooms: A new perspective

If you like tofu, or you don’t, you need to try this! The problem with most people who don’t like tofu is that they have never had it properly prepared. yes, you’ve probably heard that before. But it is true. I absolutely hate plain, baked tofu with spice on top. It may as well be a brick to me. It looks and tastes unappetizing. This recipe will make you like tofu (unless of course you absolutely hate every single one of the ingredients listed then that just means that you’re on the verge of picky eating).  Continue reading “Spicy tofu with mushrooms: A new perspective”