Poor Man’s Beef

This dish is a bit of a namesake as basically when eaten, I got the comment that it was “not visually appealing” thus it was a “poor man” who had to eat it. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dish itself, it just slightly disintegrated when I cooked it… Continue reading “Poor Man’s Beef”

Salmon Stir-fry

Stir-fried salmon and soy beans are something that I’ve had before. However, attempting to stir-fry salmon was one feat I didn’t conquer so well. The salmon pieces fell apart so quickly that it sort of made a mess of everything, but of course now I know to how to fix that.  Continue reading “Salmon Stir-fry”

Chayote squash stir fry

The weeks have never been busier, but that’s no cause for a lack of exploration and discovery when it comes to food. I recently discovered a new ingredient called Chayote. It’s very similar in texture to an English cucumber, they even taste similar as well. I like to use it the same way you would a zucchini and it works perfectly in stir fries.

Continue reading “Chayote squash stir fry”

Jicama: a stir-fry addition

Jicama is a tubular, crunchy, starchy vegetable that I have been hearing a lot about in the food world. So naturally, I just had to try it. It supposed to be able to be served either raw or cooked, however in this case I used it in a stir-fry, and it added a wonderful texture to my dish! Continue reading “Jicama: a stir-fry addition”

Napa cabbage and pork

Yet again, a classic Chinese dish. Just a tip, unless you are making kimchi, napa cabbage tastes awful without meat. Always add in a little bit of meat if you are cooking with it, and please don’t ever cook it with oyster sauce. I tried that once and ended up with fishy water, literally! The napa has a high water content so if you want to reduce this then you can salt it just like you would an eggplant to draw out some of that moisture. Continue reading “Napa cabbage and pork”

Celery leek cao-su

Just in general, anything with leek is absolutely wonderful. Of course, the classic combination of pork and celery is also visible in this recipe as well. I never get tired of putting out celery recipes as  I feel that they are a very under-recognized and underappreciated vegetable. Continue reading “Celery leek cao-su”

Kimchi-style stir fried cabbage

I really like kimchi, but the only problem is that since its technically raw vegetables, you can only eat so much. So i decided why not cook it? Pork almost always goes with any vegetable in Chinese cooking, although I don’t typically eat this, for this dish its only meant to flavor, its not the star of this dish.  Continue reading “Kimchi-style stir fried cabbage”