Sauerkraut Tofu soup

As I was in my local trade’s market, I saw a whole shelf dedicated to just Sauerkraut. I love all things pickled and fermented so of course I just had to try it! When buying sauerkraut, you really do have to look at the ingredients, as this will greatly affect the taste and quality of the sauerkraut.  Continue reading “Sauerkraut Tofu soup”

Taste test: Tomatillos

These green tomato-like oddities are something I’ve been dying to try. You might recognize them from salsa verde which is what gives it its green color, They actually taste nothing like a tomato and even are a bit crunchier than one. As for the taste, it’s like a semi-mild lemon with a tomato-like consistency. It’s veeeeery acidic and sour. I tried to cook it with some garlic and mushrooms, but it didn’t do much with the acidity. So, I would highly suggest to cook this with some other vegetables or even with beef. Any sort of “fatty” ingredients will help cut the acidity. Of course I will continue to experiment with this ingredient but until then do some experimenting on your own! Let me know what you think!


Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower

Salmon is just one of those things that you could just call comfort food all on its own. I normally don’t like to add too much flavoring to my salmon because I’ve always felt that it ruins the taste, but today was a new experience for me as I added both soy sauce and sesame oil to the salmon!  Continue reading “Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower”

Savory and Sweet Radishes

A lot of people shy away from the brilliantly colored radish not just because of its color but because they don’t know how to eat or cook it! I grew up eating lots of radishes in some salt and sesame oil- a great mix for basically any raw veggie. Most people are accustomed to seeing it in salads or as a raw side, but today we are going to *gasp* cook it! Continue reading “Savory and Sweet Radishes”

Weeknight Ratatouille

Ratatouille is one of my favorite dishes to make. I love the flavors of the spices and herbs, but it’s such a hassle to make because you have to do all sorts of salting and what-nots to remove extra liquids. This recipe from America’s Test Kitchen is great and easy. No more salting and extra steps.

Continue reading “Weeknight Ratatouille”

Jicama: a stir-fry addition

Jicama is a tubular, crunchy, starchy vegetable that I have been hearing a lot about in the food world. So naturally, I just had to try it. It supposed to be able to be served either raw or cooked, however in this case I used it in a stir-fry, and it added a wonderful texture to my dish! Continue reading “Jicama: a stir-fry addition”

Vegetable Korma

I recently tried Pakistani food for the very first time and it was absolutely delicious! While I typically don’t like very rich foods ( and thus decided that I do not like curries) I gave it a try since after having researched Asian cuisines. I did not disappoint and was nothing like I had ever tasted. If ever you find yourself in Northern California around Concord, go to Anarkali, it is amazing!

Continue reading “Vegetable Korma”

Secrets of the Kitchen: Unlocking the flavor of Cauliflower

I have said it and made it many times before: cauliflower is a very hard vegetable to get flavor into and draw out of. However with the help of America’s Test Kitchen, I was able to discover a whole new dimension of cauliflower that I had never made nor tasted before! Continue reading “Secrets of the Kitchen: Unlocking the flavor of Cauliflower”