Poor Man’s Beef

This dish is a bit of a namesake as basically when eaten, I got the comment that it was “not visually appealing” thus it was a “poor man” who had to eat it. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dish itself, it just slightly disintegrated when I cooked it… Continue reading “Poor Man’s Beef”

Salmon Stir-fry

Stir-fried salmon and soy beans are something that I’ve had before. However, attempting to stir-fry salmon was one feat I didn’t conquer so well. The salmon pieces fell apart so quickly that it sort of made a mess of everything, but of course now I know to how to fix that.  Continue reading “Salmon Stir-fry”

Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower

Salmon is just one of those things that you could just call comfort food all on its own. I normally don’t like to add too much flavoring to my salmon because I’ve always felt that it ruins the taste, but today was a new experience for me as I added both soy sauce and sesame oil to the salmon!  Continue reading “Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower”

Savory and Sweet Radishes

A lot of people shy away from the brilliantly colored radish not just because of its color but because they don’t know how to eat or cook it! I grew up eating lots of radishes in some salt and sesame oil- a great mix for basically any raw veggie. Most people are accustomed to seeing it in salads or as a raw side, but today we are going to *gasp* cook it! Continue reading “Savory and Sweet Radishes”

Chayote squash stir fry

The weeks have never been busier, but that’s no cause for a lack of exploration and discovery when it comes to food. I recently discovered a new ingredient called Chayote. It’s very similar in texture to an English cucumber, they even taste similar as well. I like to use it the same way you would a zucchini and it works perfectly in stir fries.

Continue reading “Chayote squash stir fry”