Pan-roasted herbed chicken breast with vegetables

This recipe was created out of my willful intent to make ratatouille but was too lazy to go to the store to buy some bell pepper and the fact that I did not feel like taking too much time to cook. Seasoned with herbes de provence, this flavorful dish will definitely please the family and be gone in an instant! Continue reading “Pan-roasted herbed chicken breast with vegetables”

Zoodles with cherry tomatoes and herb-garlic chicken: Lunch for one!

This is a great recipe for just one. I have a hard time cooking in smaller portions because I am very much used to cooking for 4-5 people or for several meals. Cooking for one has been quite a challenge since that means less of everything. But this was the perfect recipe for me as someone who loves my veggies, the zucchini and tomatoes were just enough for me! Continue reading “Zoodles with cherry tomatoes and herb-garlic chicken: Lunch for one!”

Seared chicken tenders with garlic and vegetables

This is an ooooold recipe. I just started realizing the wonders of herbs at this point. Before this recipe I had never marinated my meats in anything but soy sauce and salt. Both the thyme and rosemary in this recipe work really well with the chicken and vegetables and is a great dish for a busy night or even just for one.

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Chicken Tikka Kebab

I’m guessing a very traditional Indian/Pakistani dish. I, again, ate this at a restaurant and it was so good! I slightly messed up in my version, however it still tasted amazing! Before this recipe, I  had never before thought to use yogurt in a marinade, but of course this completely changed that! It’s an absolutely stunning presentation and equally as scrumptious to make.

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Baked drumsticks

If you want your vegetable and meats to come together in just one dish but enough for your whole family, then this is great because you can do exactly that. What’s even better is that you can add literally whatever you want in this. It’s a very hard recipe to mess up (although not cooking it for long enough will get you into trouble). Continue reading “Baked drumsticks”

One pan skillet chicken with grilled zucchini: When it’s just too much work to cook

If you want something very quick and easy then look no further than this recipe, I think on this particular day I just wasn’t feeling the 30 minutes of cooking. So I threw everything in my beloved cast iron, and enjoyed a nice but quick meal.  Continue reading “One pan skillet chicken with grilled zucchini: When it’s just too much work to cook”

Spicy tofu with mushrooms: A new perspective

If you like tofu, or you don’t, you need to try this! The problem with most people who don’t like tofu is that they have never had it properly prepared. yes, you’ve probably heard that before. But it is true. I absolutely hate plain, baked tofu with spice on top. It may as well be a brick to me. It looks and tastes unappetizing. This recipe will make you like tofu (unless of course you absolutely hate every single one of the ingredients listed then that just means that you’re on the verge of picky eating).  Continue reading “Spicy tofu with mushrooms: A new perspective”

Basil chicken with broccoli and cauliflower

I’ve been a little tired of stir frying food lately so I thought, with my basil plant directly in front of me, I’m craving some Italian flavors. Having previously seen a bunch of broccoli on the TV smothered in garlic and olive oil, I created this concoction and was very pleased. Of course the chicken I used was marinated in both Chinese cooking wine and soy sauce but it still tasted pretty good and different enough for me.  Continue reading “Basil chicken with broccoli and cauliflower”