Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower

Salmon is just one of those things that you could just call comfort food all on its own. I normally don’t like to add too much flavoring to my salmon because I’ve always felt that it ruins the taste, but today was a new experience for me as I added both soy sauce and sesame oil to the salmon!  Continue reading “Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower”

Secrets of the Kitchen: Unlocking the flavor of Cauliflower

I have said it and made it many times before: cauliflower is a very hard vegetable to get flavor into and draw out of. However with the help of America’s Test Kitchen, I was able to discover a whole new dimension of cauliflower that I had never made nor tasted before! Continue reading “Secrets of the Kitchen: Unlocking the flavor of Cauliflower”

Thai style Curried Cauliflower

I believe that the best cauliflower recipes are either braised or curried. I always love a bit of sweetness in my curries, very much different than Indian curries which tend to have too many spices. I feel like my taste buds are often on a vacation after eating Indian food. This is a nice deviation from traditional curried cauliflower recipes that often use lots of harsh spices.  Continue reading “Thai style Curried Cauliflower”

Cauliflower rice

I made this out of a curiosity experiment on whether or not trendy foods actually tasted good. Most likely created out of the need to fulfill the peoples love of rice and carbs while maintaining that “low-carb” reputation. If you have a great blender or food processor then go for it! This is my take on cauliflower “dirty rice” which is basically rice mixed with a bunch of different veggies and such.

Continue reading “Cauliflower rice”

Creole beef with cauliflower

A nice spicy-punched beef and cauliflower dish! The most important part of this recipe is the famous Trinity, or the use of onions, celery, and either carrots or bell peppers. This is the backbone of many creole and Cajun recipes. Also, paprika is another important ingredient as it gives a nice smoky flavor to the whole dish. And as always the apple cider vinegar in this recipe could easily be substituted with wine as well.

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Gobhi Matar Rasedar

A great Indian dish if your taste buds are ready for an overload of spices. Of course the classic cumin and turmeric to create a beautifully colored dish. This is typically made with cauliflower, potatoes and peas but I didn’t happen to have much potatoes or peas at the time. Even with the substitutions, it still tasted great! Continue reading “Gobhi Matar Rasedar”

Sweet cauliflower with scallions

Get ready for a very unique surprise in this dish. Cauliflower is naturally a little bit on the sweeter side. I’ve lately been craving my veggies a little more sweet than savory which is why stirfrying is so perfect because, in Chinese cooking, anything goes! Continue reading “Sweet cauliflower with scallions”

Basil chicken with broccoli and cauliflower

I’ve been a little tired of stir frying food lately so I thought, with my basil plant directly in front of me, I’m craving some Italian flavors. Having previously seen a bunch of broccoli on the TV smothered in garlic and olive oil, I created this concoction and was very pleased. Of course the chicken I used was marinated in both Chinese cooking wine and soy sauce but it still tasted pretty good and different enough for me.  Continue reading “Basil chicken with broccoli and cauliflower”

Sweet Cauliflower Curry

I have only had curry a few times, and even then it wasn’t true curry, it was more of a “curried” dish. My grandma makes some of the best curried chicken and potatoes which is the main inspiration for this dish. However as it turned out I did not have any potatoes, but lots and lots of cauliflower. Despite this fact, the dish still turned out great! Unlike a traditional curry, I did not use any coconut milk but instead used the more “Chinese/Japanese” way of making curry which is attained by using curry powder and curry paste. It is also much sweeter than the typical curry, but I think it tasted quite nice when paired with the cauliflower and beef.  Continue reading “Sweet Cauliflower Curry”