Poor Man’s Beef

This dish is a bit of a namesake as basically when eaten, I got the comment that it was “not visually appealing” thus it was a “poor man” who had to eat it. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dish itself, it just slightly disintegrated when I cooked it… Continue reading “Poor Man’s Beef”

Beef in Tarragon Herb Sauce

The use of herbs have been as intimidating to me as spices were. Being of Chinese decent, mos of my cooking/tasting experiences have been rather “herb-less” so embarking on a herb combination was quite difficult. I don’t even know what many herbs taste like or what they would taste like paired with other things. I’m the weird one in the kitchen randomly chewing on dry herbs just to figure out what they taste like. For some strange reason the combination of tarragon, savory, and mint seemed to scream at me as I thought about how t make my beef that night.  Continue reading “Beef in Tarragon Herb Sauce”

Beef Pho

This recipe was one that I was very excited to make! IT’s great for a crowd as it makes enough for about 10-15 bowls! This of course was inspired by a Youtube personality Quang Tran so be sure to go checkout his videos! It tasted just like the restaurants and even easier to make!

Continue reading “Beef Pho”

Jicama: a stir-fry addition

Jicama is a tubular, crunchy, starchy vegetable that I have been hearing a lot about in the food world. So naturally, I just had to try it. It supposed to be able to be served either raw or cooked, however in this case I used it in a stir-fry, and it added a wonderful texture to my dish! Continue reading “Jicama: a stir-fry addition”

Beef in White wine sauce

After having bought a bottle of white wine, I couldn’t wait to use every ounce of it in multiple recipes. I saw a few ideas of using it as a sauce for beef and decided to try it out. I love the tanginess that it provides to the dish and really complements the mushrooms and rosemary as well (but probably all wine does). Continue reading “Beef in White wine sauce”

Deconstructed Cousa Mahshi

A beloved recipe first introduced to me by one of my friends. Traditionally this is served as a stuffed squash however, that took a little too long for me so  decided to get creative and pull it apart, so to speak. It’s a wonderful middle eastern dish with traditional flavors such as allspice or cardamom.

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Creole beef with cauliflower

A nice spicy-punched beef and cauliflower dish! The most important part of this recipe is the famous Trinity, or the use of onions, celery, and either carrots or bell peppers. This is the backbone of many creole and Cajun recipes. Also, paprika is another important ingredient as it gives a nice smoky flavor to the whole dish. And as always the apple cider vinegar in this recipe could easily be substituted with wine as well.

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Beef with Ponzu sauce

This is my poke inspired take on beef, for those of us who aren’t quite adjusted to raw fish 😅. If you love poke, but can’t eat it without repetitive trips to the bathroom then this recipe is for you. When I discovered ponzu sauce i became obsessed. The addition of sesame oil is absolutely heavenly with this dish and in my opinion tastes better than poke.  Continue reading “Beef with Ponzu sauce”

Sweet Cauliflower Curry

I have only had curry a few times, and even then it wasn’t true curry, it was more of a “curried” dish. My grandma makes some of the best curried chicken and potatoes which is the main inspiration for this dish. However as it turned out I did not have any potatoes, but lots and lots of cauliflower. Despite this fact, the dish still turned out great! Unlike a traditional curry, I did not use any coconut milk but instead used the more “Chinese/Japanese” way of making curry which is attained by using curry powder and curry paste. It is also much sweeter than the typical curry, but I think it tasted quite nice when paired with the cauliflower and beef.  Continue reading “Sweet Cauliflower Curry”