Zoodles with Kimchi: Make your food fun

I am probably a very weird person when it comes to my food. I love eating the top portions of my porridge, I love scraping off the bottom of the rice cooker, I even purposefully buy the smallest and odd shaped sweet potatoes simply because I think they look cute. So when it comes to other foods such as zucchini, the more I can change the shape the better!

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Secrets of the Kitchen: Unlocking the flavor of Cauliflower

I have said it and made it many times before: cauliflower is a very hard vegetable to get flavor into and draw out of. However with the help of America’s Test Kitchen, I was able to discover a whole new dimension of cauliflower that I had never made nor tasted before! Continue reading “Secrets of the Kitchen: Unlocking the flavor of Cauliflower”