Zoodles with cherry tomatoes and herb-garlic chicken: Lunch for one!

This is a great recipe for just one. I have a hard time cooking in smaller portions because I am very much used to cooking for 4-5 people or for several meals. Cooking for one has been quite a challenge since that means less of everything. But this was the perfect recipe for me as someone who loves my veggies, the zucchini and tomatoes were just enough for me! Continue reading “Zoodles with cherry tomatoes and herb-garlic chicken: Lunch for one!”

Fusilli with green puttanesca sauce

A fun spin on puttanesca with fussilli and some fava beans. I got a little tired of trying to use up all my tomates and thought instead to use up all of my zucchini. It actually turned oput pretty great. While anchovies may very well be the most disgusting thing I have ver tried thus far, they tast great in this sauce. I guess there’s hope for even the worst of ingredients. What’s better yet is that it’s gluten free!

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