Salmon Stir-fry

Stir-fried salmon and soy beans are something that I’ve had before. However, attempting to stir-fry salmon was one feat I didn’t conquer so well. The salmon pieces fell apart so quickly that it sort of made a mess of everything, but of course now I know to how to fix that.  Continue reading “Salmon Stir-fry”

Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower

Salmon is just one of those things that you could just call comfort food all on its own. I normally don’t like to add too much flavoring to my salmon because I’ve always felt that it ruins the taste, but today was a new experience for me as I added both soy sauce and sesame oil to the salmon!  Continue reading “Sesame-soy Salmon with cauliflower”

Salmon Chowder

If you like clam chowder, then you will definitely like this chowder. Very similar to Manhattan chowder which has a tomato base, I used dill and leeks to give it a more distinct flavor, so it’s still a bit different. Instead of cream to thicken the soup, I used some starch which gave it a better “fish” taste to it.  Continue reading “Salmon Chowder”

Roasted ocean perch stuffed with garlic, lemons and asparagus

This is a great tasting recipe! It can work with whatever fish you have as long as its a lean, large white-fleshed fish like rockfish, perch or even snapper. The lemons really help to get rid of the fishy smell and taste, and the added tomatoes, garlic and herbs really accentuate its flavors. It’s a little bit of a Mediterranean inspired dish but you can adjust to whatever works best for you.

Continue reading “Roasted ocean perch stuffed with garlic, lemons and asparagus”