Time-Savers: Using Salad Mix for a stir-fry?

Let’s just be honest, sometimes the week is too hectic to try and make food every night. Well, that no longer needs to be a problem. Costco salads have provided a nice, quick solution to all your dinner needs! Continue reading “Time-Savers: Using Salad Mix for a stir-fry?”

Sauerkraut Tofu soup

As I was in my local trade’s market, I saw a whole shelf dedicated to just Sauerkraut. I love all things pickled and fermented so of course I just had to try it! When buying sauerkraut, you really do have to look at the ingredients, as this will greatly affect the taste and quality of the sauerkraut.  Continue reading “Sauerkraut Tofu soup”

Poor Man’s Beef

This dish is a bit of a namesake as basically when eaten, I got the comment that it was “not visually appealing” thus it was a “poor man” who had to eat it. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dish itself, it just slightly disintegrated when I cooked it… Continue reading “Poor Man’s Beef”

Beef in Tarragon Herb Sauce

The use of herbs have been as intimidating to me as spices were. Being of Chinese decent, mos of my cooking/tasting experiences have been rather “herb-less” so embarking on a herb combination was quite difficult. I don’t even know what many herbs taste like or what they would taste like paired with other things. I’m the weird one in the kitchen randomly chewing on dry herbs just to figure out what they taste like. For some strange reason the combination of tarragon, savory, and mint seemed to scream at me as I thought about how t make my beef that night.  Continue reading “Beef in Tarragon Herb Sauce”

Salmon Stir-fry

Stir-fried salmon and soy beans are something that I’ve had before. However, attempting to stir-fry salmon was one feat I didn’t conquer so well. The salmon pieces fell apart so quickly that it sort of made a mess of everything, but of course now I know to how to fix that.  Continue reading “Salmon Stir-fry”

Taste test: Tomatillos

These green tomato-like oddities are something I’ve been dying to try. You might recognize them from salsa verde which is what gives it its green color, They actually taste nothing like a tomato and even are a bit crunchier than one. As for the taste, it’s like a semi-mild lemon with a tomato-like consistency. It’s veeeeery acidic and sour. I tried to cook it with some garlic and mushrooms, but it didn’t do much with the acidity. So, I would highly suggest to cook this with some other vegetables or even with beef. Any sort of “fatty” ingredients will help cut the acidity. Of course I will continue to experiment with this ingredient but until then do some experimenting on your own! Let me know what you think!