Welcome to my Kungfu kitchen! There are several different reasons for this name. I just so happen to be a Kungfu martial artist who is both a health nut, fitness junkie who loves to cook and is also Chinese. I had eating problems from a very young age which was mostly due to an early diagnosis of ADHD. What would this have anything to do with not eating properly? Well, as a young child with ADHD meaning literally bouncing off the walls unable to focus on things very well, I was prescribed heavy mendicants one of which completely took away my appetite during the day until the medication wore off. IT usually wore off close to bed time and so I would get very, very hungry at night. So a pattern began where i would eat nothing all day and then get very hungry at night. I usually took medication only during the school week, so weekends where profanely a nightmare for my parents having to deal with a very hungry, hyperactive child. Up until about 7th grade I continued with my medication and also (as a result of my lack of eating) I was very skinny. I say skinny because that was what it was, I was basically your average bony middle-schooler. However this was a big transition time for me as I decided not to take my medication as it was affecting my social life (i.e. antisocial, disengaged, completely disconnected with my classmates). Having been used to eating basically whatever I wanted without worrying too much about what it did to my body up until this point did me no favors. Now that I was off my meds, I was hungry ALL THE TIME. This lead to continual eating, and at this age I had a HUGE affinity for sweets. I could eat a whole Ralph’s angel food cake in one sitting! Oh, and that was after the three meals already eaten in a normal day. Well, like any normal bad eating habit will do, I gained weight, and lots of it in a very short time. I didn’t realize this until my doctor told me to be more conscientious about my weight gain. All this happened in about a 1 year span. Well, as per usual of middle school, I began to develop self esteem issues due to my weight. For the record, I was overweight. While it did get me down for about a year, I did not let it defeat me, I decided to do something about it. And I did. One of my biggest passions even to this day is Kungfu, which I joined at a very young age. Although not the direct cause of my weightloss, it definitely inspired me to get stronger physically. So, like most people do to lose weight I went to the gym and in less than 3 months I dropped more than half of the weight I had gained. This was all during my summer break, and then once school started, I was able to drop so much that I reached my original weight before going off of my medication. While this seems so quick, the after affects and aftermath are the most important. I became obsessed with healthy eating and even got into an extreme eating disorder. Not to mention lots of intense exercise. But I don’t mean to keep this post in a depressing mood. After joining high school track and field, I fell in love with weightlifting and strength training, also during this time my passion and love for Kungfu deepened immensely. There wasn’t a day where I didn’t got to the gym or kungfu and that basically stands true to this day, although the difference is that I have finally found a good balance of healthy eating habits as well as fitness habits and this was due to primarily two reasons, one my deep relationship with Jesus Christ in which I could have never made it through without and two, my awesome and supportive Kungfu family.  I also need to add that my obsession with healthy eating turned into a deep mistrust of outside food either cooked by a restaurant to even by my own family. I began to cook for myself. And let me tell you, that was a very hard lesson to learn that came with lots of mistakes. Lets just say if you ever try to do a “No Oil” diet, please save yourself the burden and impracticality. I’m sorry, but veggies cooked in water just isn’t the same as a nice stir fry. As you can see, this obsessive behavior actually turned into a complete life-changing hobby. After a trip to China, and the lengthy amount of time I needed to “waste” during my winter break, I realized… I WAS IN LOVE WITH COOKING! So there’s my story. I hope it can be an inspiration and hope for anyone else who may experience the same struggles I did. On a much happier note, I also want to share with you my different recipes and even tips based upon my experiences, my grandmother, and even the beloved cooking channel and various cookbooks.  I hope I can be able to appeal to all eater and diet types, whether that’s vegan, vegetarian, or even a Chinese like me. Most of my cooking is based upon a Chinese background. However, I’m not full Chinese, I use the Chinese presence in my cooking to not only prove that Chinese food can actually be healthy but as a way to show that traditional elements can be used in today’s cooking. I want to break the barrier that many people set on eating Asian food and even in cooking in general. I believe that all different cuisines can play an essential role in one’s diet. I am by no means a professional nor do I want to become the next Master Chef, however I want to show that fine food cuisine can be used in homecoming as well as the opposite, that homecoming doesn’t simply have to be quick, simple, unorthodox recipes either. Being creative and diverse is what makes cooking so fun and I hope you will enjoy my recipes and even use them for your own enjoyment to aid in spending time with friends and family. I also will even include some healthy “diet tips” on my blog as well as fitness ones. I want to use this blog to make people realize that living healthy doesn’t have to be a chore but simply living. No fat-free diet or intense exercise regime is worth sacrificing time with your loved ones or even your own personal happiness, so lets get to it and explore the wonderful world given to us, one dish at a time.