Kitchen lesson: do not make “soupy” fish

Ever have a whole fish with the head on? Well, let my words be few… DO NOT make a soupy sauce for the fish or even put it in a soupy setting.

Perhaps it was simply the type of fish I used or the fact that I kept the head on. Nevertheless, it became very fishy and very unappetizing about 20 minutes into eating it. The best thing in this case, if you wanted to use the whole fish, take the head off! Fish heads and lemon juice is like a disaster waiting to happen.

The fish I used was called bluefish, and it was surprisingly very oily. I used parsley, lemon, and some chicken broth, but not even my “fix” of cooking wine and ginger could help defeat the fishiness of this dish.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to solve this issue please comment below.

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