Flavor trial: Caraway, dill, soy sauce, fermented Tofu

I wanted to see if there was a way to combine traditional spices and herbs with a little bit of Chinese ingredients. While the flavor combination may sound weird, I actually rather enjoyed it. Although if I were to change the way I did this, I think I would not have added the fermented tofu with the caraway. If you want to combine these flavors, I think the best rule is that if you are using fermented tofu, do not add any caraway, vice versa if you are using caraway, don’t add fermented tofu. However, soy sauce and dill really go well together and a little bit of caraway kind of adds another dimension to the flavor.

To try this experiment I used zucchini and mushrooms since both pair well with each other as well as any other flavors.

The result of this experiment? Caraway and fermented tofu do not go together very well. The flavor isn’t necessarily bad, however it is a bit off and is an acquired taste.

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