Chinese eggs with chives

I don’t really like eggs very much, but this dish is very good even for a non-egg eater. This is a classic Chinese dish along with another similar dish made with tomatoes and onions. 

Traditionally this recipe uses LOTS of oil since we are using eggs, however I find that using a nonstick skillet and actually allowing the eggs to form up a bit will let you get away with less oil while not having to spend an hour attempting to scrape off the charred bits of egg from your pan thus ruining it and making your next 10 meals taste like egg and chives.

I don’t recommend using water to help cook the eggs. Imagine what scrambled eggs taste like boiled. Yeah, not very appetizing.


Chinese eggs with chives


• 1 bunch chives chopped

• 4 eggs beaten + salt

• 2 tbsp. olive oil


  1. Heat oil in a pan, make sure it’s really hot!! Then add in the eggs and allow it to set. Stir and flip it over once the edges begin to form. Repeat this until the eggs look cooked through. Should look like a chunkier version of scrambled eggs. Remove from the pan and set aside
  2. Add in the chives and stir until they wilt about 2 minutes then add the eggs (you may need to add some water if it gets too dry) and mix together. If needed, add salt to taste. Turn off the heat, serve and enjoy!

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