Silken Mushroom Tofu

I hope this doesn’t put you off, put think of a savory pudding, that’s about the texture that you’ll get with this recipe. Its good! I promise! My go to when it’s really hot, I like eating this a lot because it’s very simple and tasty to make. Of course if you don’t like mushrooms, you could make it with chili oil instead and have like a kind of Mapo Tofu thing going on, but I prefer it without the spice.

Yes, there are a lot of different tofu out there. Which one to buy? What’s the difference between firm, semi firm, silken or soft tofu?!

Well the answer to that question is based entirely on one, what you are trying to make, and two, what kind of texture do you prefer.

This recipe calls for soft tofu which is also called soft tofu. one way you can tell what it is is by squishing the container a little bit in your hands. If the tofu wobbles in it’s container then its soft tofu!

This type of tofu is great because its a great source of protein but is light as well. I usually chose tofu over meat before a training session because it doesn’t give me that heavy feeling. Although they say that you aren’t supposed to eat too much because it can cause a hormone imbalance due to excessive estrogen (but really, there’s always some new health “break through” every week so is it really worth trusting what they say now?). I’m highly skeptical however, because I happen to love tofu, and after that coconut oil health concern debacle, I stopped trusting the world for my health advice. (Notice the level of sarcasm on my “health advice”.)




• 10 shiitake mushrooms finely chopped

• 1/4 cup soysauce

• water

• cilantro

• 1 tsp. Sesame oil

• 1 package silken tofu

• 1 1/2 tsp. Starch + equal parts water


  1. Strain and rinse tofu. In a bowl, use a fork to “mash” the tofu into an almost cottage cheese like consistency, and then set aside
  2. Heat a pan to about medium high and add the mushrooms and soysauce, after they began to wilt (about 1-2 minutes) add in the sesame oil and some water (2-3 tbsp) and let sit covered for about 2 minutes.
  3. If the mushrooms begin to absorb too much of the soysauce, add some more. It should be liquidy at this point
  4. Add in the starch mixture and turn off the heat. Stir to incorporate the starch mixture all throughout the mushrooms.
  5. Add in the mushroom “sauce” to the tofu by gently mixing the two together. Chop up some cilantro and either mix it in or place as a garnish

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