Collard greens with carrots

Collard greens are one of those few leafy vegetables that I find are hard to cook with since they are so rough. My affinity for cooking them is almost as much as cooking kale: none! However, despite my lackadaisical attitude towards them, they are overtaking my garden and packed full with healthy vitamins and nutrients. They are very good sources of calcium as well. So I buckled up and just cooked them. Just a friendly tip: anything with garlic tastes so much better and anything with olive oil, olive oil is magic.

If you notice, I cook with a lot of different “colors”. While I may like those carrots or green onions that I put in my recipes, I actually use those to provide more of a visual appeal. I’m pretty sure that it has been scientifically proven that visually appealing food tends to seem to taste better. It also makes you much more likely to eat it. Kind of like those trendy smoothie bowls that look so pretty, and even those crazy frappes from Starbucks. It looks so good that you just want to eat it.

Okay, maybe visually appealing food doesn’t taste that great (as I guess was the case with that unicorn frappe?), but it still looks tastier. Spice things up with your cooking. add more colors. Then maybe if you have a sad lump of kale (or even collard greens) just looking gross and too healthy on the table, add in some red pepper flakes or shave some carrots on top to elevate your dish.

I found that with collard greens, the reason I don’t like to both eat or cook it is because its just too chewy and too rough. I feel like a cow, constantly chewing. My mouth even gets sore after my meal from all that chopping just to break it down. I’ve tried boiling it, which turned out too soggy in my dish creating more soup than actual veggies. I tried removing the stems- while this did work it was still a bit rough. i even tried cooking it for a lot longer than normal, it turned a gross greenish brown that looked like something out of the garbage disposal. The final solution? Use plenty of oil. Especially olive oil. Adding in a little acid like vinegar or even lemon juice also helps to break it down a bit. It also helps to thinly slice up your greens which helps in the”breaking down” process.

i’m not saying pour the whole bottle of olive oil into your pan and deep fry it, but you can be a bit more generous with your oil when it comes to kale and collard greens. If you are really desperate and want to avoid oil as much as possible then you can boil and blanch the greens in hot water. Just make sure to squeeze the juices out so you don’t get a soggy mess. You can even dress it with some sauce or salad dressing if you like.  Or you can just make this recipe.


Collard greens with carrots

one way we can avoid chewing too much


• 2-3 bunches collard greens with stems removed and chopped into thin pieces

• 1 large carrot cut into matchsticks

• 4-5 large white mushrooms sliced

• 1/4 large onion slices

• 2-3 cloves garlic minced

• 1/3 chicken broth

• Olive oil


  1. Heat olive oil in a pan then add in garlic, followed by the onions cooking until the onions begin to release some of their juices and then add in the carrots, cover and cook for about 2 minutes.
  2. Add in collard greens plus mushrooms and the chicken broth and allow to cook covered for another 4 minutes or so until the greens are nice and tender. Don’t cook them too long or else they’ll turn yellow.
  3. Add salt to taste then remove from heat, serve and enjoy!

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