Bamboo Matchstick stir-fry: too much celebrating?

Another bamboo recipe. Unlike all the others, this is just using normal bamboo. No spring bamboo needed! There may be tofu in this dish, however its a traditional way for Chinese to cook both the tofu and pork together. Sorry vegetarians, this one’s not for you (unless you take the pork out of course, but then it just doesn’t taste as good). Well in lieu of fourth of July yesterday, I had quite the experience at my friend’s house party. Apparently their neighbors are avid gardeners. Upon observation, it seemed that they love cultivating these very interesting palm-shape leafed plants. We can just assume that they had a wonderful independence day. Shall I not forget that I made an absolutely delicious pot roast. All I can say is that I had quite an eventful day.

Moving forward with this recipe now. I used regular bamboo and another ingredient that you may have seen in one of my previous recipes. That ingredients is pickled mustard greens. It’s actually more like salted mustard greens. It’s best to get them fresh in the plastic containers.

Don’t forget to boil to your bamboo or else you will taste a lot of acid. It’s also important to partially fry your bamboo as well in order to get a good flavor from it.

I solemnly apologize in advance if i start to sound like an over excited hippie or a complete dry bore. These recipes are starting to get a bit redundant. I have been somewhat “inspired” t stop cooking so much Chinese food simply because I’m tired of writing recipes for them. Oh the places where we find our inspiration in times of desperation.


Bamboo Matchstick stir-fry


  • 1 bamboo, boiled and cut into thin small pieces
  • 1 piece rock sugar
  • 1 package salted mustard greens
  • 1 dry chili pepper
  • 1 oz. pork marinated in Chinese cooking wine, light soy sauce, and a pinch sugar
  • 1 block savory baked tofu thinly sliced into small pieces.
  • light soy sauce
  • oil


  1. Heat some oil in a wok and cook the pork completely, remove and reheat the pan adding in more oil if necessary.
  2. add in the chili pepper, tofu, and bamboo and stir for about a good 2 mintues, also add in the rock sugar at this time
  3. throw the cook pork back in along with some light soy sauce and stir for another minute, then add in the salted mustard greens and cook covered for another 2 minutes.
  4. season to taste and enjoy

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