Why I hate recipes

Perhaps I should begin by saying that recipes are not necessarily a bad thing. For most people they are wonderful, as they give definite tips and direction without any faltering or miscalculation. However, for me they feel like a box.

While I do like to use recipes, they are more guidelines for me. I find it too constricting to just stick to a simple recipe. i love adding my own flair to thins as it makes it much more fun for me. Again this is more of a personal preference. You are not a bad person for following a recipe, it’s just that it’s not for me. Sometimes, following my own mother’s or even grandmother’s instructions is hard, because it just feels too plain, too… boring. As an avid cook, i love to discover and create new things and flavors!

I guess the advent of this huge disdain came about while trying to write up all the recipes for this blog. if you notice, most of my recipes are Stir-fry and Chinese food. While, these are pretty great on their own, I realized that after writing a couple recipes down, it got tooooooo monotonous. For me, when I cook, I almost never follow a recipe. Instead i look in my fridge and see what I have, throw it in a pan and some sauce and hope it tastes great. of course their is some methodology behind all this. But, that’s just it! The spontaneity of cooking is what excites me, not the strict adherence to recipe and the redundancy of dish after dish.

I guess a great way to explain (but maybe not the best example) is like the speed limits on empty roads or streets. Your supposed to 45 mph, but I see a lot of people who don’t. They zoom through at 60 miles per hour because, obviously 45 is just too darn slow. My point being that for some, the speed limit is just a guideline. To me that’s just what recipes are, guidelines, merely the foundation on which to build your dish on. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means advocating breaking the speed limit and using as a guideline which is of course both illegal and very dangerous and could perhaps bring ruin to the rest of your life.

Cooking is often referred to as an art. I believe that it is one of the best mediums by which to express oneself as it can be shared by many: family friends, and enthusiasts alike.

Recipes do help give the simple home cook structure and an easy meal to throw down when the chaos of the week and the demands of hungry children await your table.

There is absolutely no shame in following recipes, however, i find that it’s much more fun to create and try new things. Which is why I greatly encourage everyone and anyone to add different things to the recipes given or to ones that find yourself. Please share any of your tips and input that you discover along the way. I think its one of the best ways to bring people together, food.

Am I the only one who feels this way?


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