Spicy tofu with mushrooms: A new perspective

If you like tofu, or you don’t, you need to try this! The problem with most people who don’t like tofu is that they have never had it properly prepared. yes, you’ve probably heard that before. But it is true. I absolutely hate plain, baked tofu with spice on top. It may as well be a brick to me. It looks and tastes unappetizing. This recipe will make you like tofu (unless of course you absolutely hate every single one of the ingredients listed then that just means that you’re on the verge of picky eating). 

So what’s the new perspective? Well after my rant (aka my last post Why I hate recipes) I had an epiphany on how to make this more exciting for both you and me, whoever “you” may be. Whether you like it or not, lots of personal anecdotes are to be expected. i may even go on rants that are not even related to the recipe described, but don’t worry I will deliver.

Now getting back to the recipe, another Chinese dish (of course because that’s all I seemed to make in my “early” Instagram days), when you stir, fold gently, or else you will have mush.

Things to never use to cook anything: chili oil.

What to cook first? Meats. 

What’s the difference between soft tofu and regular tofu, in fact why are there so many types of tofu? Just get soft tofu and let’s worry about the rest for another time. It should come in those plastic containers with the really hard to get off “peel-able” tops.

Why is mustard pickled and preserved? I thought it was a condiment. So did I until I realized that the mustard (condiment) and the mustard I ate in my porridge were not the same. The mustard we are looking for is the actual plant mustard. And make sure it comes in one of those metallic bags with the little notch for ripping off the top. Don’t mistake it for the whole pickled mustard plant that looks really yellow and weird. You’ll hate me forever if you buy that and use it in this recipe. 

 And as promised I have delivered.


[ recipe title=”Spicy tofu with mushrooms”]


• 1 package silken tofu cut into 1/4 inch cubes

• 2 ounces minced chicken meat or pork

• 4-5 dried shiitake mushrooms rinsed and soaked and diced plus the liquid it was soaked in

• 1 green scallion

• 1/4 tsp. Chinese chili oil

• 1 package salty pickled, preserved mustard greens


  1. Heat up a pan and add in chicken cooking until no longer pink then add in chopped mushrooms and mustard greens cooking for about 1 minute
  2. Add in chili oil stirring for another minute then add in both tofu plus the mushroom liquid and a dash of soysauce. Allow to simmer for about 5 minutes.
  3. Season to taste and add in green onions after turning off heat.
  4. Serve and enjoy!!!!

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