Greens with peas

The overwhelming amount of Brussels sprout leaves protruding from my garden prompted me to do something with them. I also had a bag of frozen peas just sitting and staring at me whenever I opened the freezer. So with a little bit of briny Worcestershire sauce, it all came together quite nicely.  Of course it also beats eating Chinese food every single night. But I highly encourage you to try this however it might be better if you get very tender leaves or brussel sprouts themselves as the leaves I used were much to tough. 

When making this dish, I strongly recommend using extra-virgin olive oil as it has that more olive taste to it than regular olive oil does. However, since its not as processed as regular olive oil, the smoking point is much lower, therefore it can get bitter when heated to much. As the recipe directions say, don’t heat the pan for too long or else it will start to smoke. Yes, it will take a bit longer to cook, but it’s totally worth it.


Greens with peas


• 3rd cup of frozen peas

• couple bunches of brussels sprout leaves

• Half teaspoon Worchestershire sauce

• One and a half tablespoons of lemon juice

•. Extra-virgin olive oil

• to minced shallots or one small diced red onion

• One clove garlic minced

1. In a small pan add some extra virgin all of oil and heat for about a minute or two. Don’t let it get too hot or else the oil will start to smoke. Then add in the garlic and the red onion and just let it cook until they begin to look a little transparent
2. Then add in the brussels sprout leaves and cook for about another 3 to 5 minutes so that they begin to wilt down and add in the war Sester sure sauce as well as a little bit of the lemon juice
3. Towards the end out in the frozen peas and cook for another 3 to 5 minutes or until the peas are no longer frozen but I have incorporated some of the flavor then season with salt to taste


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