Best breakfast porridge

Want something that’s hot, delicious, and easy to make to greet you in the morning? Then grab your crock-pots, some oatmeal, and your favorite grain cereal mix and enjoy a nice morning gruel of porridge!

I never truly appreciated the beauty if this simple breakfast until recently when my mornings started to become hectic and making breakfast was not an option. My love for porridge has grown so much that I literally eat it every morning. It’s so easy as well and there are so many different variations of it.

I usually add some different rices to my porridge, but you can put in whatever you want. I like to experiment with different grain mixtures, whether its 7-grain, 8-grain, or even-9-grain. The more mix of grains I find is much more fun. Of course you don’t have to eat it plain either. I like to eat it with something many f you might find somewhat disgusting, its fermented bean curd cubes. There are several different types, ranging from stinky, to spicy, to even sweet. I highly recommend at least trying it once. Trust me, just a little bit can transform your entire porridge experience. I also like to add a variety f different pickled and fermented foods such as lettuce stems or mustard plants. I even eat it with kimchi.

However, if you want something a little sweeter, then add some Chinese dates or jujubes and eat it with a little bit of jiu niang (sweet fermented rice). It’s so yummy! There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to porridge.

Being so versatile, it’s a great way to start out your day as it contains lots of healthy whole grains, and it usually keeps me full until lunch time. I often pair it with any left-over meat or veggies from the night previous since it can be practically eaten with anything.


IMG_9266 (1)

Basic Porridge recipe


    -3/4 cup sticky black rice

    -3/4 cup brown rice

    -1/2 cup mixed grain cereal (of your choice)

  • 2 liters water
  • oatmeal


Pour everything (except oatmeal) into a crock pot and set on low heat for about 8-10 hours. When finished stir the porridge and add oatmeal, if too watery, to your desired consistency. Should be no more than ½-1 cup of oatmeal and let cook covered another 10-15 minutes.

I usually let this recipe cook overnight when I’m asleep so the amount of time that it cooks often varies. If anything let it cook for at least 4-6 hours on low but maybe more around 4 hours on high. Also depending on whether or not I plan to add anything to my porridge, I usually put different amount of oatmeal to thicken it up. However, my crockpot is very old so if you are using a newer model or even a pressure cooker your results might vary from mine, but then again, this recipe is very forgiving and is easily altered. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



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